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Shweta Kumar

Shweta Kumar Biography :

Age : 24 years
Height : 5’5″
Movie : Karzzz
Parents: Indra Kumar, Bina Kumar
Uncles: Adi Irani, Firoz Irani, Balraj Irani, Ratan Irani
Grandparents: Faridun Irani, Shaguna Irani
Cousin: Abhishek Irani
Aunts: Aruna Irani, Chetna Irani, Surekha Irani

Shweta Kumar 1If you remember a girl opposite to Himesh in his movie Karzzz called Tina then would very well realize Shweta Kumar Yes she is the same girl, who happens to be an actor of Bollywood. With just one movie in hand, she is all set to get a comeback with the movie Super Naani with veteran actress of Bollywood- Rekha after six long years. She comes from a Bollywood family as her father Indra Kumar is a known filmmaker who also happens to be the debut director of his own daughter based movie Super Nanni releasing this month end. She is born and brought in Mumbai and has done a couple of crash courses in acting, singing and dancing. Actress Aruna Irani is her parental aunty, while Adi Irani is her parental uncle.

Shweta Kumar career started with the movie Karzzz, which unfortunately was a big flop of 2008 thus giving her no other work in the industry. Hence after six long years, his father is all set to give her a comeback in his debut directorial venture called Super Nanni along with the superstar Rekha. Her character in Super Naani is the love interest of Shraman Joshi who is the lead character in this film along with Rekha. Her role in Karzz was of Tina Munim’s character, which she did skilfully, however, the flopped movie didn’t help her to garner positive review for the actress.

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