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Miss World 2021’s first runner-up Shree Saini discusses living with a pacemaker!

Shree Saini, an Indian-American, represented the United States at the Miss World 2021 pageant. She was the first runner-up, followed by Olivia Yace of Cote d’Ivoire, who came in second.
Shree Saini, a Punjab native, has had a permanent pacemaker put in her heart since she was 12 years old.

A pacemaker is a tiny device implanted in the chest that regulates a person’s heartbeat. Pacemakers help the heartbeat at a normal rate and rhythm by sending low-energy electrical pulses. Pacemakers are required for those who have been diagnosed with bradycardia, sick sinus syndrome, or other heart diseases that influence the heartbeat. Pacemakers are also recommended for people who take certain medications that slow down their heart rate.

She has talked about undergoing life-saving surgery as a youngster owing to a total heart block and also surviving a catastrophic automobile accident in college in several interviews.

“My main focus is to help strengthen hearts — and not just physical hearts, but emotional hearts, because I think [you] can only be heart-healthy if you’re taking care of your emotional health as well,” she had said in an interview.

On the devastating car accident, shree Saini has shared that, “no one should have survived that accident, looking at the condition of the car and how beaten up it was. I was rushed to the ER, I had a lot of bruises. My entire face was blown up and I could not even see my ears. I could not even cry because tears would burn my face”.

Shree had also confessed that she had avoided looking in the mirror for months to avoid being reminded of the pain.
She describes how she took care of her skin during her healing by avoiding sunshine, washing frequently with ice cubes, and using a washcloth to massage the skin. She’s also spoken about dealing with her mental health issues.

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