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Shravan Reddy gives a thumbs up to web series

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Shravan Reddy

Actor Shravan Reddy, who has been part of a number of TV shows like ‘, believes that web series offers a massive opportunities to open ended thoughts without narrowed boundaries. After the actor appeared in the web series ‘Thinkistan’, he is talking about the growing swath of the web world. Talking about the same, the actor said, “The web has opened the doors not only for artists but also for those who work behind the camera. Even for writers. It has reduced the limits.”

Further adding to this statement, Shravan said, “The limits for storytelling have also been reduced. There are a lot of opportunities because not everyone will have the opportunity to work in films and there are some writers whose stories are negative and do not fit into the negative style of films, and some artists are likely to be there. If the conventional films don’t fit into the category, the web has opened up for them, the TV was long overdue, but the web has provided a lot of opportunities. I think it’s a fantastic round for the entertainment industry.”

Talking about his role in the web series, Thinkistan, Shravan Reddy said, “I am in the role of an English copy writer. My character’s name is Hema, who grew up in Mumbai. Professionally he is an engineer, but has always loved his words, so he wants to go to the advancing Valard and his jersey starts from there. It’s a show of the 1990s and as you know that advertising that came out at that time set a mood for our India, and at that time the show is based and at that time joins a Hindi copyright hate who is Amit and both of them travelled. The distance between friendship and Hindi-English is shown.”

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