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Shraddha Kapoor turns a morning person

The Ashiqui 2 actress has made a couple of key changes in her life. This has found in her workout session, happening in the mid morning, while her trainer was interested to have the session close to sunrise. Her trainer insisted her to wake up in the early morning for the workout sessions as she felt that this could benefit the young actress a lot. However, Shraddha got up late in the morning pushing her workout session little further in the mid of the morning. However, on her trainer’s insistence, Shraddha is now trying to wake up in the early morning to resolve these things.

Now, she feels very much focussed and energized, while turning a morning person. This has even surprised her trainer as well who now is impressed with the commitment posed by Shraddha for her fitness. Shraddha is all set to focus on her health since her next movie is ABCD 2, which demands lots of activities, which would be tougher to play without having a fit and healthy body. This is perhaps the first time when she is playing such kind of character in the movie.  Before this, she was applauded for her performance in Haider, while she has given back to back two big hits this year playing unconventional characters.

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