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Shraddha Kapoor Donating Clothes To Help Charitable Institutions

After dismal show at Box Office by her last movie Haseena Parkar now days Shraddha Kapoor Donating Clothes randomly to help charitable institutions. She has been associated with various social causes including animal welfare, Shraddha Kapoor feels very happy whenever she is able to help anybody in any possible way. Shraddha Kapoor who also supports various NGOs that work for animal welfare. According to Shraddha Kapoor, “Anything that I can do to help alleviate hunger, I contribute there. I am also involved with animal welfare. I feel a great sense of happiness when I am able to help anyone in any possible way.” It’s become a fashion now for almost every Bollywood actors to wear the best of designer clothes in almost every occasion, they get outfits from all top brands as gifts, some of those remain off. Shraddha Kapoor came up with a unique idea of optimizing their usage of this clothes. The actress has also emphasized that “anyone can do charity, we don’t need to be in a position of power to be able to do charity”.

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gorgeous shraddha in blue mini skirt

Shraddha Kapoor also said that, ” I think that it doesn’t matter if you’re a celebrity or someone who is affluent. Everybody should try and give back. We are all very blessed to have food, shelter, loved ones in our lives. So, we should try to spread the love“.

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damsel shraddha in green and black

Shraddha Kapoor had line up of interesting films such as Batti Gul Meter Chalu, Stree and Saaho opposite Prabhas. Shraddha Kapoor Donating Clothes nowdays remains frank clear of social media and was quoted as saying, “I live in a bubble of my own that when some of my friends ask me to give them Bollywood gossips, I tell them that I am the last person for that because I am so connected with what I am doing. Even if I am trolled, I do not take them seriously. I do not want to waste my creative energies on these trivial things as my priority is my career.”



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