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Shorgul Official Trailer Unveiled: An Essence of Intertwined Love Story

Shorgul – To speak it’s just a word however as far as Bollywood is concerned, it has its own essence of attraction, crowd, attention, fight and last but not the least a voice that blast at a specific location whose noise is bound to be heard by each one of the audience connected to the particular area, thus the same applies with the looming movie which is set to be on the floor in the last week of June 2016 i.e. on 24th June 2016. Don’t forget about the director and makers who have contributed like anything for the movie, check out the names of beginners here..Initiating with the director Jitendra Tiwari and P Singh who has taken up a call for the stunning stars like Jimmy Sheirgill and Ashutosh Rana. Why don’t you check out the trailer right here..

To start with the trailer lets glance on the efforts by the starring stars, no doubt both Jimmy and Ashutosh have their own style of uniqueness and thus is something which is loved by the loving fans and followers. However when it comes to Ashutosh, he’s style will surely be sparking comeback in the movie after a long time, sounds really excited isn’t? Well it was just a depiction guys an enjoyment is awaiting your single click on the video below, so just click it and enjoy!!

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