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Shorgul Movie Review

An honest attempt to make a failed political drama for B Town audience

This Friday is a solo release, which comes in the form of Shorgul. Thanks to mega Eid release Sultan, which enjoys much better pre-release buzz and is released two days before the usual day. Shorgul is a political drama, which is directed by Pranav Kumar Singh along with Jitendra Tiwari. It is made under the banner of 24 FPS Film Pvt Ltd, while it is co-produced by Prashant Vijay Singh along with Aman Singh. The film though was released with the title Zainab but later chosen as Shorgul.  The film has an interesting star cast, which include Jimmy Shergill, Ashutosh Rana, Anirudh Dave, Sanjay Suri and Narendra Jha. The film is loosely based on the Muzaffarnagar riots of 2013. Time to catch the insight of the movie as under:


The movie Shorgul is a political drama, which is loosely based on the said rights thus inspired by real time incidents, which has rocked the country with scary headlines. The film is made at the background of UP, which bring in the light sensitive issues, which have been occurring in the past in the country. Besides, the film also unleashes the political mind games and master strokes of certain high profile dignitaries. In this film you can find the innocent friendship between a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl who is seen rapidly escalating into the political minefield, which simply causes the chaos and unrest in the Indian state of UP. This in turn intensifies the number of events that give an unexpected turn thus turning out to be a national issue in question.


The film is an honest attempt to unleash the political underbelly and religious scams, which often make headlines in the Indian media. In a sense, the makers deserves accolades for giving the audience a content, which can allow them to think over the repercussion of things done in the name of religion thus making it as a tool to gain political ends. However, the plot chosen and scripts interwoven in the film doesn’t seem to be new making the film very much predictable for the audience. Thus despite the good efforts, the film fails to captivate the audience as people very well know the fact that such things have been the part and parcel of the game of Indian politics. So the intention was good but you have a product, which has been already tried and tested by its consumers. The first half of the film simply talks about the backdrop of the movie with simple and straight pace, which is similar to the second half wherein things are twisted to add some entertainment value giving you nothing much to enjoy in the movie.

Talking about the performances, the film has managed to a decent star cast with actors who have been known for their high dexterity level. Thus the film has witnessed some of the decent performances by the lead actors. Let’s talk about Jimmy Sheirgill who plays a local MLA for whom religion is an important tool to accomplish his political ambition. He fits into this role the most perfect fashion and has tried to portray the right shade of colors as required by his character. Next comes is Ashutosh Rana who is an accomplished actors playing a politician with a decent character. Once again, he has proved his dexterity to its zenith playing nothing but the best over the silver screen and in most of the scenes he is seen overpowering the co-actors. The others like Anirudh Dave as Raghu (Chaudhary’s son), Hiten Tejwani as Saleem, Sanjay Suri as Mithilesh Yadav the chief minister of the state along with Eijaz Khan, all played well at the silver screen giving a good performance at the end.

Direction, Music, Screenplay and other elements

As far as direction of the film is concerned, it went decent though it has some issues, which has hampered the quality of the film to a great extent. However, he failed to nail it at the content side since much of the things have been known to the audience who is well versed with the media and its style of reporting about a number of communal tensions in the Indian society. Thus one can find the film becoming very much predictable. This is where it loses its sheen turning into just another political drama, which has many things but less content. The music is okay and similar is the case of editing that went tight and so were other technical element.

Shorgul – Last Word

The film Shorrgul has said is an honest attempt to make a decent political drama film but it has failed on the research aspects of the movie. It has straight and simple kind of script, which goes long in a monotonous fashion making it very much predictable. Though in terms of performance, the movie is a good effort but talking about the content, it fails to have novelty, which the makers are known to have the opportunity. Thus the rating of the movie is seen getting disturbed a bit.

Rating – 3.0


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