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Shivin Narang: To make ‘Beyhadh 2’ off-air is purely a business decision

During the lockdown, it was decided to end Beyhadh 2 and this naturally upset the show’s actors. However, he did not suffer any setbacks. When we spoke to Shivin Narang recently, he said, “It’s disappointing.”

“All the actors, writers and crew worked hard on this show, so we feel bad. But, we also have to understand the current scenario. Everyone is affected by the epidemic, whether in India or globally. “

Shivin is happy with the response from the audience for his role. “It has been very good. The audience has really appreciated the show and we are happy about it. ‘Beyhadh 2’ has always been a great show and the decision to close it during lockdown was taken from a commercial standpoint, ”he said.

Meanwhile, Shivin Narang is spending time at the house during lockd-own. He suffered a severe arm injury a few weeks ago and was hospitalized. “I am recovering and in a few days I will be completely cured.” The actor hinted.

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