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Shivin Narang says no hang-ups in doing intimate scenes

Shivin Narang wants to leave all the disappointments behind of 2020 and wants to start fresh ahead. Talking about 2020 and more, Shivin Narang says – “2020 has been difficult for everyone and I hope this year will give us joy and peace. For me, the last nine months wasn’t easy too. So the break was self-inflicted. I only shot for three music videos and one episode of Khatron Ke Khiladi. I didn’t want to take the chance of stepping out much for work because I live with my parents. My hand injury also took time to heal. I did get TV offers but none of them were exciting enough for me to take the risk and invest my time and energy.”

Shivin Narang further adds – “I couldn’t workout much given my injuries. So this year is dedicated to fitness and lots of work. I feel inclined towards web shows. The kind of content these OTTs are churning, I can only say that this seems to be the future.”

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Talking about doing intimate scenes in OTT as challenge or not, Shivin Narang explains – “As an artiste I don’t want to restrict myself to just one medium. And as far as intimate scenes on OTT are concerned, I’ve no such hang ups that I won’t do them. But then such scenes shouldn’t be forced into a story to garner views and needs to be shot aesthetically.”

Shivin Narang concludes by saying – “Many went jobless last year. Now they’ll be able to restart. It does give us a lot of hope. We’ll also be able to visit friends and relatives in person. Though I also feel we should continue wearing the mask and sanitise till we’re Covid free.”

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