SHIVANI SHARMA“I know any storm we’re facing/ Will blow right over while we stay put/ The house don’t fall when the bones are good”, say the lines to a Marren Morris song.

Culture and customs are our roots, and when our connection to them is strong we have a strong unwavering sense of self-identity. But in these fast-paced times, where the world is a global village, our original cultures are getting shrouded in the darkness of ignorance, as if they never existed and we’re moving towards a lacklustre homogeneous existence.

However, all hope is not lost. People like Shivani Sharma come bearing the torch of their cultural pride.

Shivani Sharma is a 24-year-old based in New Delhi. She started her jewellery brand Kharikajai in the May of 2020. The idea behind Kharikajai was borne out of Shivani’s interactions with the traditional heritage and culture of Assam.

In the time of lockdown, Shivani let her creativity and love for Assam run free and ended up creating a widely loved groundbreaking jewellery brand.

She felt an obligation to her rich roots to sustain the culture of Assam. She says, “The craftsmanship of such delicate indigenous art should be recognised in the industry, and that is what inspired me to introduce Kharikajai. I wanted to bring the Jewellery from Assam to the global fashion market.”.

Vintage things and the golden days of Assamese history have a special place in her heart, and that reflects in the jewellery she makes.

Kharikajai is a very unique brand, but it has to face problems just like any startup. Bumps like Financial investments, organising and worrying about timely delivery came her way, but with a strong focus and hard work, she overcame all these problems. She always maintained a positive outlook, and never let anybody – even herself – discourage her.

She plans on carrying her optimistic worldview with her when she elevates Kharikajai to a global platform.

Shivali says, “I don’t want Assamese craftsmanship to be known and adored just in India, but all over the world. I am looking forward to the day when Kharikajai will be known as the first Assamese brand to introduce Assamese Jewellery to the Global Market.”.

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