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Shekhar Suman Triggered another Twists: Kangana Uses Black Magic Confirmed!

Kangana Uses Black Magic Confirmed1

Soon after reading the heading lines, don’t you think that ‘Is there any End to their Smashing Battle’? yes we are talking about the two fighters of Bollywood ‘Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan’, I know the word ‘Fighters’ sounds really wired but it’s a bitter fact that the two doesn’t sounds to be in a state to even give a pause to their fire catching battle which triggered since couple of days back. However there’s yet person who has lighted up some dreadful thing into picture and he’s none other than our former star ‘Shekhar Suman’ who‘re now claiming that the actress Kangana has used black magic on his only son Adhyayan Suman. Ohh God!! Isn’t? Well this is surely not we, who’re committing this shocking statement, but its Shekhar who’s pretty confident about the same. Check out here what he added on the same..

As per the sources he added – “One day my wife Alka opened Adhyayan’s drawer and she found ‘supari’ , some coins and other weird things in it. She called me and asked ‘Kya Hai Yeh’ (What is this), I hope he is not doing something crazy (Black Magic).” In addition to this when her mother Alka Suman called one of the family Panditji, who confirmed that “Adhyayan was hypnotised. From his eyes it seemed either he was a drugged or was under the influence of someone.” – As per the sources.

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