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Shehnaaz Gill’s ‘Tu Yaheen Hai’ will definitely take all the #Sidnaaz fans on an emotional roller coaster ride

Since the time Siddharth Shukla has left for a heavenly abode, there is a void within every one of us. His unbreakable connection with ladylove Shehnaaz Gill termed #Sidnaaz has always managed to keep him in our hearts forever.

And after a long time, Shehnaaz has paid a tribute to the love of her life by dedicating him a song which is sung by her. As the name suggests ‘Tu Yahhen Hai’, the song is all about though Siddharth has left us physically he is still there within every one of us.

The song portrays the journey of #Sidnaaz, where you’ll witness the rollercoaster ride of emotions, from their fights to being extremely fond of each other. The song is a perfect lookback so please keep a box of tissue beside, because you will surely need it. 

Not to give you any spoilers! But there’s a point where Siddharth calls ‘SANA’ and she looks back to find no one behind. That scene will break your heart only to make you realize what it feels like to lose the love of your life and the fact that you’ll never get a chance to hold them again.

But the song is a perfect medium to remember him and all the good times he lived with Shehnaaz. Their happy times will stay etched in the memories of fans forever. From accepting the reality for both fans and Shehnaaz with the belief ‘Tu Yaheen Hai’ to accepting the fact that he will remain in everyone’s heart, Life Goes On!

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