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Shehnaaz Gill calls Katrina Kaif ‘Punjab ki Katrina’ Read out to know why

Recently Shehnaaz Gill was seen in a YouTube chat with music producer Yashraj Mukhate, In this video, the actress happened to open up a lot of hilarious things. Shehnaaz opened up to the fact that why she is always called Punjab Ki Katrina.

In this video, Shehnaaz said, “When my mother used to go to parlours when I was a child, they used to tell her ‘Oh your daughter looks like Katrina’.” But later on, the actress refused the tag and gave it to Katrina itself. In the video, Shehnaaz Gill told Yashraj, “But now I have become India’s Shehnaaz Gill and Katrina Kaif has become Punjab’s Katrina Kaif. Do you know how?” She then continued, “She has married Vicky Kaushal and where is he from?” As Yashraj replied to Punjab, Shehnaaz said, “So she will be Punjab’s Katrina na? So I’m India’s, Shehnaaz Gill.” Yashraj responded, “Oh like that?”

Recently, Shehnaaz Gill happened to visit the Brahmakumari Ashram. The Bigg Boss fame actress shared a glimpse of the Ashram on the Instagram stories. The Punjabi singer-actor shared the pictures of ‘Tower of Peace,’ ‘Tower of Purity,’ ‘Tower of Knowledge,’ ‘the Supreme Soul’ light and a sunflower’s image from the ashram.

Just a few days back, Shehnaaz wastrending all over the internet as music producer Yashraj Mukhate has released a new music video featuring Shehnaaz Gill’s Bigg Boss 13 Dialogues titled Boring Day.

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