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Shazé unveils world’s first VENTING BOOTH at new store


Shazé, the edgy premium lifestyle brand epitomising the movement against stereotyping and labelling and encouraging Self-Expression, today launched its unusual and unique store at Colaba, Mumbai, India. While the store is small in size, its ambitions are big. Housed within this bold outlet is the world’s first Venting Booth, which allows people to videotape and record themselves venting out their deepest, darkest thoughts and frustrations.In keeping with the brand’s philosophy of Self-Expression, as personified by #VentItOut, people of all ages are welcome to go anytime through the day and record their vents which will find expression through social media and radio-tie-ups and can be uploaded on their own social media handles. The first day saw 100s of people venting out about issues like global warming, traffic woes, potholes on the roads, unavailability of Coldplay, the high pricing of iPhone 7, poor cell-phone network connectivity and many more beep…beep issues.

This hip new shazé outlet also boasts of a singular artistic façade constructed out of over 600 most used/abused labels that people all over the world are subjected to, due to their size, shape, color, mannerisms etc. Personifyinga stance against this stereotypingthe shazé brand aims to highlight this issue of emotional bullying that people are subjected to, not just by strangers but also by their close friends and family and hopes to discourage people from such traumatic labelling.

As Samrat Zaveri, the creative genius and the MD puts it, “This is not just a store. It is an embodiment of shazé’s brand personality of being bold, edgy, impactful and relevant. It is intended as a place that empowers you to express your moods and sentiments through the world’s first Venting Booth. I am over-whelmed by the response and soon other shazé stores too will offer the same venting option”.

 This novel concept-brand space gives people the freedom to voice their stories, opinions about various topics pertaining to fashion and society as a whole and will act as the Voice of the people. That this need of the hour was apparent from the long line of people who stood in the sun to get an opportunity to #VentItOut who were egged on by the presence of Rahul Khanna, joining them at the venue.

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