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Shatrughan Sinha Breaks Silence on Sonakshi Sinha’s Rumored Wedding Plans: “She Hasn’t Told Me Anything About It”

Actor-turned-politician Shatrughan Sinha has addressed the ongoing rumors surrounding his daughter, Sonakshi Sinha, and her alleged marriage to her rumored boyfriend Zaheer Iqbal. Reports had circulated claiming that Sonakshi and Zaheer were planning to tie the knot in a private ceremony in Mumbai on June 23. However, Shatrughan Sinha has clarified that he is unaware of any such plans. During an interview with Times Now, Shatrughan Sinha shared his perspective on the matter. “I am currently in Delhi. After the election results, I came here. I haven’t discussed my daughter’s plans with anyone. So, your question is, is she getting married? The answer is that she hasn’t informed me about anything. I know as much as I have read in the media. If and when she confides in me, my wife and I will give the couple our blessings. We wish her eternal happiness,” he stated.
Shatrughan Sinha expressed his trust in his daughter’s decision-making abilities. “We have complete faith in our daughter’s judgment. She would never make any decision that goes against the law or is unconstitutional. As a consenting adult, she has the right to make her own choices. That being said, I would like to mention that when my daughter does get married, I would love to dance right at the front of the wedding procession,” he added.The veteran actor also revealed that he has been receiving numerous calls regarding the rumored wedding. “People close to me are questioning why I am unaware of this (the supposed wedding) when the media is aware.
All I can say is that nowadays, children don’t seek their parents’ consent; they simply inform them. We are waiting to be informed,” he concluded.According to a report by Hindustan Times, the couple is planning a two-day wedding ceremony, which will be an intimate affair attended only by close family and friends. Sonakshi intends to keep the details of her wedding within her inner circle. Many of her actor friends are expected to be present to celebrate this special occasion.As of now, neither Sonakshi Sinha nor Zaheer Iqbal has confirmed the wedding rumors. Fans eagerly await an official statement from the couple regarding their wedding plans.

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