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Shashanka Ghosh Biography :

You very well know about the movie Khoobsurat starring Fawad Khan and Sonam Kapoor. Well, Shashanka Ghosh is the man behind making this incredible romantic comedy, which hit on 19th September 2014. This man has come a long way. Right away working with Ad world as copywriter to making different programs and shows for MTV and doing things like screenwriting and other things, his journey to the world of direction in Bollywood has been long. He hails from New Delhi and was born in a family of Air Force as his father was an air force officer. He did his schooling from Air Force Bal Bharti School, later after his graduation, he did his PG in management and later tried doing business with his friend but soon left to work as a copy writer with Hindustan Thompson.

He worked in India and Hongkong in this field and later got an opportunity to work with MTV and soon he entered into the creative field seen making different shows and films for the music channel. Some of his films at MTV even fetched him awards and for his channel, while later served as creative director for around 7 years for Channel V. Here also, he headed a number of projects including the feature called Waisa Bhi sizzlinga Hai, which garnered good response from the audience and critics not only in India but from abroad as well. He is the man who developed the quirky character called Quick Gun Murgun, which helped a lot the Channel V to get its Indian version in the market, which was earlier known as a typical western music channel.

Based on the same character, he later made a movie called Quick Gun Murgun making it an iconic south Indian spoof of one western cowboy. The next movie, which he made with the help of a number of directors called Mumbai Cutting. It is basically a 2010 based anthology, which was based on different characters from Mumbai city. He also wrote a couple of movies including Waisa Bhi sizzlinga Hai Part II in the year 2003 and Nyay Anyay made in 2009. His current movie includes Khoobsurat, which has recently hit the theatres.

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