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Sharman Joshi : I still feel as an outsider in film industry

Sharman Joshi
Sharman Joshi says – “I still feel like an outsider,” and adds, “I understand that there is a certain monogamy of certain generations of families that have been in business, and tomorrow my children would enjoy the fruit of my presence in the Hindi cinema. I have established relationships with people, and they will get the advantage. It is about the time spent in the business and familiarity. There have been experiences and adventures that people share.”

Sharman Joshi tells – “I understand that but I do feel a little sorry for me sometimes, that I was not connected to a film industry family. I was born into a theatre family, though, so I have plenty of experience on that front.”

Sharman Joshi talks about his observations and tells – “The first time I went on a film set, it was to shoot for my film Godmother. The whole environment was different (from theatre). I did not know how to spend my time in a vanity van. I was taken away with all the frenzy on the sets, with everyone shouting. In theatre when you are performing, there is plenty of peace before you begin. Here it is chaotic and here you are in the scene.”

Sharman Joshi further shares – “My background in theatre always made me feel outside of the film world because their way of thinking and operating was different and I think the theatre scene was very professional. When I first started out I realised that people felt offended if you asked for a script, and I couldn’t fathom why! I didn’t have anyone to guide me and tell me this was the way the film industry functioned, and that I had to show certain faith.”

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