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Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene 2015

Genre: Comedy, Thriller
Release Date: 16th Janaury, 2015
Cast: Zayed Khan, Tena Desae, Talia Benson, Rannvijay Singh, Anupam Kher
Writer: Rajesh Chawla
Director: Gurmmeet Singh
Producer‘s: Devinder Jain, Akhilesh Jain
Music Director‘s: Dhruv Dhalla, Sandeep Chatterjee, Meet Bros Anjjan, Faridkot Band

Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene 2015

It is an upcoming Bollywood comedy thriller movie, which is slated to be released on January, 16th 2015. Gurmmeet Singh has directed this movie and Akhilesh Jain and Devinder Jain has produced it. The movie features stars like Rannvijay Singh, Tena Desae and Zayed Khan in lead roles. The movie was shot way back in 2010. There were several reasons for the delayed release of this movie. Trailer of the film had been launched this month and it has won some raving reviews from the audience. According to the producers, the movie should do well at the box office.

It is a thriller movie having enough comedy packed into it to delight the Hindi movie viewers. The plot is about how a common man gets trapped into a kind of notion that it is honesty that has always been the best policy, however, these days, it is not considered to be the best available option, since there are times, when one is forced to bend rules for safeguarding himself so that he can get ahead in his life. The main role is being played by Zayed Khan as the character named Prithivi Khurana, while Ranvijay plays his roommate and is named Sam. The lead heroine is played by Tina Desai. This movie is her first one, while the other girl in the movie is Talia Benson. Anupam Kher plays an important role in this movie and the audience can surely expect to enjoy the comedy parts, for which Anupam is known for.

The Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene  screenplay is done by Rajesh Chawla and Gurmmeet Singh, music by Sandeep Charttejee, Dhruv Dhalla and Faridkot Band. Trinity Group is the Production Company involved. It is distributed by Medios Entertainment. It is undoubtedly a movie that is awaited by the fans of comedy in much anticipation, since who would not like to start the New Year with some laughter

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