Friday, January 28, 2022
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Shamitabh gets a U/A certificate from Censor board

Shamitabh gets U A certifcate

The upcoming movie of Amitabh Bachchan, Danush and Akshara is all about to hit this Friday. Considering the fact that the movie has two talented actors – Big B and Danush, there is a huge buzz for the film. Also, the Pa director – R Balki is clean as far as any controversy for the movie is concerned, which will turn in the favour of the film. Additionally, the combination of Big B and an actor from South has created a good buzz for the film. Now talking about the censor board, they have asked the filmmaker to slash down a couple of scenes considering the usage of some abusive words from the film giving the U/A certificate.

As per reports, the director has put the beep sound on certain words along with deleting one scene wherein Dhanush is seen showing his middle finger. Though the centre board of film certification has asked the director to slash down certain teams, he isn’t seen upset about the same. On the contrary he was seen saying in the media that he is happy and satisfied with the screening of the film with the Censor Board, while is not at all sad or upset about his film Shamitabh getting the U/A certificate.

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