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Shahrukh Khan to have a Road Show To Promote “Happy New Year”

happy new year

Have you ever heard of a Bollywood actor or actress to have a road show for his or her beloved star movie? Don’t waste your time to think about this, surely it’s not, but this time it’s the battle between “Kick” and “Happy New Year” or you can say it as a fight between two renowned stars- “Salman Khan and “ShahRukh Khan”. Although “Salman” imminent movie “Kick” is already catching phenomenal response in Bollywood and it seems that it would surely hit up the box office. However, if we talk about Farah Khan’s movie “Happy New Year” then we could hardly see any kind of updations, songs or music coming up.

Talking about media then we are listening some sort of shocking activities from “Shah Rukh Khan” like recently Shah Rukh’s fellow-actor from Happy New Year depicted that, “Shah Rukh has asked all of us to keep two months, August and September completely free of all other engagements. None of us is allowed to shoot for any film during those two months.” After reading this you would surely think for a while isn’t? Also, if we talk about the co-stars then these activities seems really true like one of the co-stars depicted in his statement “We don’t know what we will be required to do at these shows. But Shah Rukh will be taking all of us from the cast of Happy New Year to the streets in various cities of the US and Canada where we will be performing and interacting with fans. We expect crowds of thousands on the streets as Shah Rukh has a huge fan base in that part of the world.”

Talking about the other renowned co-stars or stars then it’s like we haven’t found any kind of air publicity like these till now, some people do call this crazy but in the end what makes a difference is the business which acquired by the movies.

Manoj L


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