Thursday, January 27, 2022
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Shahrukh Khan Earn 10 Million Followers on Twitter

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Who says the renowned star of B town none other than the King Shah Rukh Khan is lacking behind any kind of activities but he’s on the verge to give a toughest competition to other legendary khan’s like ‘Aamir Khan and ‘Salman Khan irrespective of the platforms then whatever it may be. But now a days the platform which is sparking in B town is ‘Social Media’ wherein the dashing star Shah Rukh is rolling out like a spark and surprisingly leading with some eye catchy followers by crossing 10Million, however if we talk about the other two stars then both of them stand out to be right behind the king khan like Aamir seems to be a second runner-up with 9.58Million followers in twitter and last but not the least our beloved Sallu bhai stand out to be the third runner-up with 9.18Million followers.

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