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Shahid Kapoor’s wife has interesting way to spend his money


Well, we often hear how wives spend their husbands’ money and that too merely on their shopping. However, in case of Shahid Kapoor’s wife called Mira Rajput it is the other way round? Well, for Shahid Kapoor, Mira loves to take money from her husband and spend on him only. This is because Shahid loves to be pampered by her wife all the way the other way round.

In a recent interview, Shahid disclosed that he keeps his wallet with his wife and she on the other hand manages all the affair of spending money all the time on her husband. He said before his break in B Town he used to handle his own money but after his first film, he had someone to spend the money for him before marriage it was his manager and now it’s his wife. In fact, he says that his wife often insist him to carry the wallet since people would say that she is the one who is feeding Shahid but he never listens to her. It may shock or surprise many but Mira is doing a good job here.

Shahid also disclosed that it her only who takes care of everything about Shahid and he is least bothered about the things he has to do. He then told how protective he is about his wife and daughter despite the fact that she is barely few months old. If you check the pictures, he has kept his daughter Misha so much protective that we cannot see her face even.

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