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Shahid Kapoor goes for a No-Kiss Policy in Padmavati


Much has changed in the life of Shahid Kapoor after he got married and has therefore become a father. These things can be noticed when he objected to some of the intimate scenes which was givento him in his upcoming movie Padmavati with Deepika Padukone. He along with the leggy lass and Ranveer Singh have started the shooting for the period drama.

As per reports, Shahid Kapoor will be playing the character of Deepika Padukone’s husband and he has a couple of intimate scenes with his queen while playing Raja Ratan Rawal Singh and Ranveer Singh is playing the shrewd ruler called Alauddin Khiji. Though the leggy lass and Shahid Kapoor have come together the first time but have started all well here.

However considering his commitment for his wife Mira Rajput, Shahid Kapoor is not at all willing to shoot the intimate scenes with the lady opposite to her. In fact if you check what the makers have to say about their intimate scenes, they claim that there is hardly any love making scene except a few kissing scenes. But with Shahid Kapoor going with the policy of No Kiss in any B Town film, it will be difficult for them to convince Shahid Kapoor.

On the other side, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone will have no romantic scenes between the two. Shahid reasons saying that he is committed to his wife and would be not comfortable working on it with the intimate scenes and these can even hurt the young bride. Well, Mira would be certainly feel proud to this after all her husband is not keen to do the intimate scenes anymore in his films.

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