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Shahid Kapoor Excited for New Family Member: Mira Rajput’s Pregnancy on Quotes

One of the cutest couple of Bollywood which was soothing around the globe since couple months back are finally going to become ‘Parents’, indeed a child who will be the luckiest baby in the world and will be born with a silver spoon in his mouth, can anyone guess the names of stunning parents? Yes, you’re right as the title sparks the two Bollywood personalities namely ‘Shahid Kapoor’ and ‘Mira Rajput’ who were married last year in the month of July will be soon going to be blessed with a cute baby. Becoming parents for the first time, one can easily explore what’s the feel and happiness after having a baby however this happiness cannot be explained by anyone else in the entire globe except parents.

So, what do you think about the excitement level of our beloved stars? Well if we talk about both then its actually somewhat difficult for ‘Mira’ to get on the run, however you can easily guide the excitement level of our one n only stunning star ‘Shahid’. Wait..wait..wait guys you need not to worry about his excitement as if he has already given his magnifying answer to the loving fans in the social networking website to one of his following fans, when one of his fans asked him ‘How excited he was for the baby’? to which he replied as:


In addition to this when the curious fan asked “What is the best thing about Mira?” Shahid’s response was: “Real”

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