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Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki Surpasses 1000 Crore+ Blockbuster Jawan in OTT Viewership by a Margin of 2 Lakh Views!

Shah Rukh Khan had a remarkable year with three successful films, including the sensational blockbusters “Pathaan” and “Jawan,” along with “Dunki,” which performed well at the worldwide box office, grossing over 450 crores. Despite earning less than SRK’s first two blockbusters, “Dunki” is making its mark on the OTT platform, continuing to captivate audiences. However, the film’s performance at the box office fell short of expectations, receiving mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. Despite this, the holiday season and strong support from family audiences propelled this SRK starrer to success at the worldwide box office.

While “Dunki” may have underperformed in theaters, it has found significant success on the OTT platform. Currently streaming on Netflix, the film has maintained a top 3 position (non-English films) globally for two consecutive weeks. During the second week, “Dunki” garnered 4.2 million views on Netflix, accumulating 11.1 million streaming hours. In its debut week, the film amassed 4.9 million views and was watched for 13 million hours. Combining both periods, the film garnered a staggering viewership of 9.1 million in just 11 days, with 24.1 million streaming hours.

Impressively, “Dunki” has surpassed the viewership of Shah Rukh Khan’s mega-hit, “Jawan,” on Netflix. “Jawan” enjoyed a viewership of 8.9 million in 11 days and was viewed for 25.5 million hours worldwide. “Dunki” has outperformed “Jawan” by 0.2 million views, equivalent to 2 lakh views.

Looking at “Dunki’s” performance in isolation, it fared well at the Indian box office, ending its run at 232 crores net, equivalent to 273.76 crores gross. The film emerged as a ‘plus’ affair in India and achieved blockbuster status in the overseas market, just missing the 200-crore mark by ending its journey at 196.84 crores gross. The combined worldwide box office collection stands at an impressive 470.60 crores gross. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us. If you have anything to comment do share your views down.

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