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Shah Rukh Khan One on One in Aap Ki Adalat: In Favour of Modi Sarkar!

SRK at aap ki adalat

One of the popular small screen show wherein stars and celebs think twice before coming, a show wherein the celebs dare from within to come over the channel and last but not the least a show where striking cum bitter questions of Rajat Sharma make them speechless, can you guess the name of the show? Yes we are taking about a fire catching show Aap Ki Adalat which is hosted by the one n only Rajat and with his never ending question that make the star nervous to even talk a bit. But guess what, who’s the one grabbed by his hands? Indeed as the title groove he’s none other than the King Khan of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan

Sounds something really exciting isn’t? guys don’t forget he’s the King of Bollywood and knows very well to tackle the situation under his arms, for one of the questions from ‘Rajat’ he added “May be in politics, people might have made comments (on intolerance), but we are not politicians, we are entertainers. In a certain way, we are someone whom children look up to and think they’d like to be successful as I am. So I’ll never like to talk things, which will not be in our nation’s interest.” – as per the sources.

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