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Shah Rukh Khan Net Worth, Brand Endorsement And Income Sources

Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan is a man known for many reasons. Apart from being the top actor of Bollywood, he is among the top stars in the world in terms of money and wealth he has. Just recently, he has been named the second richest actor in the world after Jerry Seinfeld who is known to have the net worth of 820 million dollars. In the Forbes list of top 100 Indian Celebrities, he ranks the highest in terms of popularity and income. He is known to be a good actor, producer and a man with good business sense. Whether it is business venture, endorsements or his films, whatever he touches becomes gold. In a sense, he has become a man with Midas Touch, let’s dig deep into his professional life and the way he has made money so far as under:

Net Worth of SRK

According to the Forbes India, King Khan has earned so far earned 202.8 crore, while if you check the latest report of Wealth-X, released in September 2014, King Khan the net worth of Shah Rukh Khan is reported to be a whopping 600 million dollars, which he makes through various endorsements and business ventures he has embarked in the market. For those who do not know Wealth-X firm, it is the world’s pioneer and most advance net worth intelligence firm popular denoted as UHNW, while Jerry Seinfeld is one of the co-founder of the company, the same man who holds the highest position in Net Worth in the world.

Brand Endorsements of SRK

King Khan is known to endorse a huge amount of products or brands, right from Cold Drinks to Talcum Power to cars, fairness creams. Thus, no one can really beat him in the world of advertisement. According to reports, he signed the deal of 200 crore for a Pan Masala endorsement, which is considered to be the biggest deals in this category by any Bollywood celebrity. In his journey of doing so many endorsements and brands, he has simply created his own brand called ‘Brand SRK’. He is very much popular in brand endorsements thanks to his box office success, charm looks and incredible popularity, which makes a number of brands go crazy for him to sign a deal with them. Some of the top brands include Nokia, Pepsi, Dish TV, Hyudai, Lux, D’Decor, Tag Heuer, to a name a few. Recently, he has even jumped into the bandwagon of Online Store by endorsing the branded online store called YepMe. On an average in a year, SRK endorses around 40 brands at various media channels including electronic, print and web.

Business ventures and investments

Apart from the brand endorsements and films, SRK has a number of business ventures as well; these include selling the satellite rights to smaller screens (TV Channels). As per reports, his last release Chennai Express made 48 crores when he sold the satellite rights to Zee Entertainment, while the deal was signed by the channel to pay him more if his movie is able to collect more than 100 crores by the channel. The other big way he earns is by performing in different fat weddings. According to reports, he charges around 10 crore for giving a meagre appearance at any wedding or high profile parties. In 2012 alone, the amount he earned while performing in the wedding tolled to around 80 crores.

Smart Investments and profit sharing

These comes the next source of income for SRK. He is known to invest money smartly whether it happens to his IPL team KKR or putting money in his production house called Red Chilli Entertainment. As per media reports, apart from the above two, he has also invested in a global chain of indoor theme parks for kids called KidZania belong to the company called Imagination Edutainment India Pvt Ltd. According to reports, his IPL team is considered to be the richest in the world to make loads of money. As far as profit sharing is concerned, SRK is the first actor in Bollywood to demand the percentage in his films. According to reports, he demands 33 percent of the profit in his films, which sums up a good amount at the end of the day.

TV Shows

The other option for SRK to make money comes via TV Shows. Though he started his career with small screen but after giving several hits in Bollywood, he returned to the foray of TV to make incredible amounts of money. He was seen hosting Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 3, Zor Ka Jhatka:Total Wipeout, Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hai, etc. As per the times reports, he has made more than 5 crores for few episodes tolling to a huge figure at the end of the year.

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