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Shah Rukh Khan keen to do Dhoom 4

SRK in Dhoom 4

With three sequels of Dhoom doing a big hit over the Box Office, Shah Rukh Khan the King of Bollywood, now seems to keen in appearing in its next sequel. The teaming up of SRK and Yash Raj Films has been always a big hit in B Town. As you know the Dhoom sequels have been the biggest hits of YRF, hence it is no surprise to see superstars like Shah Rukh Khan opening his mouth to get the next sequel. SRK was seen confessing about his efforts in getting the lead role in the upcoming sequel.

After John Abraham, the Bang Bang actor Hrithik Roshan and Aamir Khan seen in the glamorous negative roles in there different sequels, its time for SRK to take up the role when Dhoom 4 finally materializes. Currently, SRK is doing a movie Fan by Yash Raj Films, hence the chances to get the lead role for Dhoom 4 can be bright at this stage to see taking up the movie to another level.

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