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Shah Rukh Khan Faces Criticism for Alleged ‘Disrespect’ Towards Ram Charan at Anant Ambani-Radhika Merchant’s Pre-Wedding Celebration

Shah Rukh Khan is facing criticism for his actions at Anant Ambani-Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding celebration in Jamnagar. During a performance of the song “Naatu Naatu,” originally featuring Ram Charan and NT Rama Rao Jr., SRK seemingly sought to involve Ram Charan. While performing, SRK repeatedly called for Ram Charan to join them on stage, and in a lighthearted manner, attempted to speak in Telugu, including using the word “idli.” This sparked mixed reactions, with some accusing SRK of racism and disrespect towards South Indians, particularly considering Ram Charan’s contributions to his career, while others defended his actions as light-hearted humor.

The situation escalated when Ram Charan’s make-up artist, Zeba Hassan Zaidi, voiced her disapproval on social media, indicating that she walked out of the event after the incident, citing it as disrespectful towards Ram Charan. Zeba’s comments highlighted the perceived lack of appreciation and respect for South Indian stars and artists in the industry.

In response, SRK garnered support from some individuals who viewed his actions as harmless and not intended to be disrespectful. They emphasized that humor should be allowed to thrive without unnecessary negativity. Additionally, some pointed out that SRK’s use of Telugu, including the mention of “idli,” may have been a reference to a dialogue from a 2001 movie, suggesting a friendly association between SRK and Ram Charan.

Despite the controversy, Ram Charan promptly joined the Khans on stage, performing the song with them, which alleviated tensions surrounding the incident. You can check the video, which seems going viral and has brought too much of heat in the social media, have a look as under:


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