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Shah Rukh , Akshay are there …. but salman Khan is out from the list !


I know this is going to happen next.. Hey how did this happed … hey what happened … These is  what happens when you watch suspence thriller movies. . And that is the fun of watching the movie thrillers that we do not know what will happen until the last seconds. Tomorrow, Raman Raghav  is going to release which is a psycho-thriller film.

Suspense movies and psycho thriller  also has much difference. Psycho thriller movies ties you till the end. Now you will remember the movie ‘Kaun’ .When viewing the  film for the first time , noone would have thought it would end something like this.

Raman Raghav is also eagerly awaited by audience. In the film, Nawazuddin Siddiki is there , good is bound to happen for film. Well, actually, how the film goes, it will be known only after the release.

It is Anurag Kashyap’s film, and the film’s budget is just Rs 3.5 crore so filmm can be considered a hit anyway.

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