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Shabana Azmi Blasted on Media with Anger When Asked Some Bitter Truths

Shabana Azmi Blasted on Media

Well said ‘A Truth is Always Bitter than Anything Else in Our Day to Day Life’ a beautiful statement with some touchy meaning isn’t? Before we initiated our depiction about the controversy can I ask you a question? Have you ever experience any bitter truths in your life? I guess you might have but have you ever seen any Bollywood celeb reaction on such statements? I guess not, if it is so then here the perfect example for the same, check this out here..

The one n only shining star of Bollywood who’ve been playing some tremendous roles in her past releases in Bollywood, you’re right she’s none other than Shabana Azmi whose reaction was really wired when she was facing an interview. As per the sources when she was asked some couple of questions about her son, Farhan Akhtar and Adhuna’s divorce. At this point of time she straight away walkout from the interview. Well this reflects the controversy which was revolving around the globe of her son was actually having some fire!

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