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Shab Movie Review

shab movie review

Shab Beautifully narrates the darker sides of cosmopolitan cities

Movie – Shab

Director-              Onir

Producer –           Sanjay Suri Onir

Star cast – Raveena Tandon, Arpita Chatterjee, Ashish Bisht and Gaurav Nanda

Rating – 3.0


This film has the story of people who are known to live on the edge of what the society is seen accepting the same. It is all about coming to the terms with one and then accepting others as they are. The film is made at the backdrop of the city Delhi wherein people from all parts of the country come and accomplish their dreams. Some achieve their dreams while others find them as endless pursuit. Perhaps it is the hope that keeps them driving till they reach their goals, while others are seen bowing down the might of the city. This film is the story of a coffee shop girl called Raina played by Arpita Chatterjee and the man who loves her a lot called Afzar played by Ashish Bisht who is an aspiring model. Raveena Tandon plays a fashion patron called Sonal who becomes his mentor. The film revolves around the intense relationship between the trio and one can find love, hurt and power. So, what really goes inside is an interesting stuff to catch.


The film is an unconventional star cast talks about the grim reality of the cosmopolitan cities giving away the darker side of these cities to the audience. However, how well it has presented before the audience is worth catching up. In terms of script and story, the film has a tangible message to give to the audience, however, the intensity has been hampered with the novices around the film. They have tried to emote the best but somewhere down the line seems to be missing the essence of the same. The film has essentially addressed a good issue but somehow failed to present well. Thanks to the inexperience star cast. Though the young man looks promising yet he has to learn a lot. Raveena in her comeback seems to rock yet seemed okay looking at the overall picture of the same. The others look decent over the silver screen.

Shab The Last Word

The film has successfully addressed the darker side of cosmopolitan cities like Delhi, however, the screenplay and presentation has been flawed with the novices in the film. Nevertheless, it can be a good catch for serious film audience who are attracted towards catching of intense relationship movies having loads of glamour, love and sex.

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