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Sexless Marriage: Ways to Fix It

Even the happily married people feel as to what kind of itches they had been scratching once they have ditched their partners. The earlier days might have naked weekends and hot nights, but after a gap of couple years of married life, you may end up standing at the door of a sexless marriage. At such juncture, if you get away with a divorce you may end up getting suicidal thoughts and as per reports, more than 39% of couples have committed suicide while overcoming their sexless marriage. So, the big question is how to save your marriage can be answered with solutions on finding sexless marriage as under:

Consider the best explanation for what your wife did not the opposite

If you want to find the answer for the question ‘fix my question’, think of an irritating thing, which your wife regularly misinterpreted. As per psychologists, it has a term of maladaptive attribution. Now, stop doing it followed by improving your marriage by thinking it in a different way. You should now choose the kindest plausible interpretation for all her good actions rather than the ugly ones.

Accept the Zero Negativity Challenge

How many days in the current month you went without doing anything bad, hurtful or some other thing to your partner? Why not give it a try! Avoid sarcasm as it will mar the intimacy element as your words matter the most so, better weigh them before you speak.

Avoid making a complain rather pose a request politely

Words can make or mar things and the same rule applies to relationships. Take your time to research about the ways you can please your woman with words. Remember words have the best power to fix your marriages, try them judiciously.

Watch nooky Video Together

Makeup sex doesn’t really sort out a fight while latent anger can be a lust killer. So, better sit down together with your spouse to catch up a sex video claims the relationship expert and get the urge for the same. You can easily find sex videos over YouTube to fix your sexless marriage.

Don’t be a problem solver – rather listen to her first

Many men simply want to fix the problems when they hear from their women. Rather have patience to listen to their problems claims the experts. This can only backfire when all she wants is to make you listen to her problems first. Next time she comes up with her problem listen to her. This will allow you to vent out her anger and issues.

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