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Sex Gift by Deepika for Ranveer Singh on His Birthday Blast Shocked Fans

The one who’s always been rolling around the B town just with his chilly cum candid behavior, the one for whom the fans and especially the ladies are crazy about none other than Ranveer Singh ’. But as of now he’s once again started rolling in the controversies and currently being dominating the headlines by his toughest attitude cum behavior, which is as usual like previous ones and some of you might be familiar with his none sense craziness isn’t? Hold on guys if you think it’s limited to something craziness then it’s surely not. This time he has not given a bit of shock to his fans but has also sparked the controversy which doesn’t seem to end easily, check this out.

As per the sources he’s not the only one who’s notched under this sizzling controversy but along with him there’s one who’s alluring, hot n calm with her actions, scenes and drama. She’s none other than Deepika Padukone who’s grabbed under the controversy and which got triggered in an interview wherein the bold attitude guy Ranveer smashed the floors with his fire catching statement, have a look. Ranveer added – ‘On my birthday I was delighted with some amazing cum stunning surprises of gifts like vintage watch, car and much more, but the one that made my entire day was nothing but a delightful sex gift’. Mostly importantly the controversy actually catch fire the moment the fans got to know that while he was depicting such statements, shockingly Deepika was on the floor and kept calm for the same.

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