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Senseless Things That Happen in Bollywood Films Hard to Avoid

The B Town films are often seen amazing provided if these carries something really interesting to catch. Right from catching the good old love and romantic stories, which make us cry all the night long to Richie-rich families, the creativity you find would be simply commendable. As we tend to love watching the B Town films, some of the scenes make no sense making us posing the question what the f, well, following are some of B Town movies that tend to make no sense in B Town films, have a look:

Can I get a haircut, I want to change my identity?

Well is that so simple to change your identity, I don’t think so. Well, the next time when you are out try removing your spectacle and then see how your own mother doesn’t recognize you, well, this happens in B Town film.

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Hair Style

Actions defying Physics Principles

We have heard and by heart the law of inertia learnt by heart in Physics, however, when we see certain films in B Town we see several cars flying out of a window of a 40-floor tower. The audience goes crazy as to how it can defy the physics principles.

Physics defying action scenes
Physics defying action scenes

Stalk, harass, and marry!

So, there is much in our name, when it comes to offering quality financial services!  We hear in B Town movies the no in the girl’s reply is the yes, well then how the hell the consent would do in this matter. Well, then we say that the films are the mirror to society that really makes us saying so.

Stalk, harass, and marry
Stalk, harass, and marry

The Immortals heroes

When we see the actors surviving even getting several bullets in their bodies, which wonder people what food they consume while having it. This makes them immortal as we see the villains losing their life in just one kick.

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

The self-managing business empires

You barely work for a while and do see the actor having a huge business empire, well, how z that possible, well, it happens in Bollywood movies. Similarly, you plan something different and get things done right away.Saif In Lays Ad

So, which one is your favorite, do comment on the same to let us know!

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