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Second Hand Husband Movie Review: The comic capper is not even worthy for a one-time watch

second-hand-husband movie review

This Friday, we have two mid budget films releasing, which certainly include Second Hand Husband. It is a romantic comedy movie, which is directed by Smeep Kang and produced under the banner of GB Entertainment. The film has Gippy Grewal, Tina Ahuja and Dharmendra in the lead roles along with Vijay Raaz, Geeta Basra, Ravi Kishan and Gurpreet Ghuggi in the supporting roles.The film – Second Hand Husband marks the debut of Tina Ahuja the daughter of Govinda along with the popular Punjabi actor and singer Gippy Grewal. The runtime of the film is around two hours (to be specific its 104 minutes). Now, let’s have a look inside the film as under:


Meet Gurpreet (played by Tina Ahuja) and Rajbir (played by Gippy Grewal). The two are in love with each other and want to settle down with their marriage. The only hurdle in their way is the ex wife Neha of Rajbir who owes a big alimony amount. Since Gurpreet is a lawyer, she finds out the solution , which can help the two marry. If Neha gets married to someone then there is no need to pay the alimony to her and hence the journey begins to groom hunt. It begins the trail of two lovers and their efforts to find a husband for Rajbir’s ex wife. Soon, you find the comic film passing through the roller coaster rides and finally culminates at the boss of Rajbir called Ajit Singh (played by Dharmendra) considering his flirtatious nature. His boss is often in trouble from his wife owing his nature to flirt, which becomes the cause of their separation. Though there are many things in the film and how they get out of this mess while manipulating things for their mission is an interesting thing to explore.

Script Analysis & Star Performances

The story seems a bit novel and new yet it lacked the fire, which can attract the audience at large. The film starts with a low pace, however, picks up speed to turn an okay kind of slapstick. To start the film, you have a man with great star value Dharmendra cracking jokes and puns, which make everyone laugh in the audience. The other good actor, which the film managed to bank on was Vijay Raaz making people laugh with his funny bones and loads of expressions. Thus the only thing, which survived the script to some extent was Dharam pa ji and Raaz, while rest of the characters were seen struggling and failing to deliver the story, which the script demands. Now, talking about the star performances, both Dharam Pa ji and Raaz seemed incredible, however, the rest seemed struggling a lot.

Though the film was promoted with Govinda’s daughter Tina making her debut but ironically she has the least of the screen time, which some how proved a good shield for her. Geeta Basra seemed without any expression, however, she managed to survive with her cool Punjabi look. Then there is something in the movie, which kept on dragging for long, which failed to establish any relations with the characters. At the same time, you can find certain unwanted characters in the film in the form of Rati Agnihotri’s sister and brother in laws who were seen with certain good onliners but most of time they were good for nothing.

Second Hand Husband – Last Word

Overall the movie isn’t impressive despite being promoted a lot for in the media for having Govinda’s daughter making her debut with it. Except one or two most of actors were simply good were nothing remaining without any expression on their faces, hollow words, naive performances and weird dialogues. You hardly find any intelligent and logical comedy rather than absurd words being incorporated to make a comedy film. The max you can call this film as to be a slapstick comedy, which has no life in it made just for the heck of it to waste time and launch star kids who have no talent to show and skills to impress the audience. Long way to Go!

Rating -1.0

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