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Second Hand Husband 2015

Second Hand Husband 2015Second Hand Husband Movie 2015

Cast : Dharmendra, Gippy Grewal, Narmmadaa Ahuja, Deepshikha
Release Date : 2015
Director : Smeep Kang

Second hand husband is an upcoming bollywood movie which is directed by sumandeep kang. The movie stars include names like Dharmendra Gippy Grewal, Narmada Ahuja and the other co-stars. The story of the movie is writer by Sumandeep Kang, Shreya srivastava and Vaibhav suman.

The movie is of comedy genre. The story of the movie is not yet revealed and there are no trailer launches till yet. As the name of the movie suggests, the movie will be most likely based on the story of a husband and a wife. The husband and wife relationships can be funny sometimes. As the couples maintain bonding, there are many situations in life which can be fun. As per the director and story writer of the movie, the story of the movie covers similar situations which each couple face in their day to day life. The situations covered in movie are shown in a funny way to entertain the audience. The movie leaves a message that how instead of fighting on daily life situations, couples can enjoy by taking it in a humorous way.

Second hand husband will release in January 2015 most probably. The movie is full comedy genre based thus the audience can expect to laugh hard and loud throughout the entire movie. The movie story keeps it short and thus the length of the film will be under 2 hours. The movie has been shot entirely in India and thus contains beautiful locations from entire parts of India. As per the movie staff, the movie is still under the production phase and it will be a while before it gets released. The song tracks for the movie will be released soon alongside the movie trailers. Second hand husband will be the first comedy genre film release in 2015.

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