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Saurabh Pandey Interview

Saurabh Pandey
Saurabh Pandey

TV actor Saurabh Pandey recently had to ditch his biological clock schedule as he was shooting for his show Razia Sultan till late night. They were shooting in a jungle where Yaqut (Saurabh Pandey) and Mirza (Rohit Purohit ) comes face to face after a lot of happenings in the story.

Saurabh shared,”It was 5 am in the morning where I had to finally say my dialogues. By then I was so tired and sleepy that all I could see was my bed and could think of sleeping. I was going blank and was trying to dig and deliver my dialogues from the tired and sleepy brain of mine. A whole army of junior artists were also tired with heavy armors. My co-actor Rohit Purohit was sitting on a sleepy horse who was dosing off in the middle of the shoot and was again and again losing its balance. I have never seen an animal so sleepy before. I was worried of Rohit getting hurt and my dear shooting team was also tired.”

Despite being up for more than twenty hours the actor successfully delivered his best performance which resulted in one of the many memorable shots of the show. “For many of us, the biological clock goes for a task. You miss the day and start to live in night. I’ts like you get jet lagged. But I don’t find night shoot difficult. In fact, I love them. I only shot of regular shift hours. But I was up since 9 am. You can shoot in peace in the silence of night. I have done many night shoots in my previous show. But after a long gap I did this night shoot for Razia sultan and it was one crazy and hilarious shoot.”

On being asked if the night shift shooting schedule caused any health issues Saurabh replied,”We were under pressure of performing and at the same time caring for your unit. It can literally make you go bonkers if you are so sleep deprived. Not only me but so many of us actors go through this challenge. Sometimes we love it but sometimes we really don’t wish for this to happen again! After all, it is our job and we love doing it”.

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