Saurabh Dubey- Challenging the neoliberalism to combat for women empowerment

Saurabh Dubey
Saurabh Dubey

Saurabh Dubey, a social activist who stands out among his contemporaries is striving hard for a serious change in society. He looks at the big view of the picture and how he can try out different ways and create awareness for his living reasons: Women Empowerment, School social workers, and Community Social Workers.

He was born on 15th September 1988 and grew up with a love of two sisters and a brother. A software engineer by education and profession, he is a real hero who simply strives to make goals and achieve them. The result of his hard work was such that he got the opportunity to work with reputed firms like Tech Mahindra, TCS, and more. He was associated Techlik Solutions Pvt Ltd as a director.

Saurabh Dubey, a social activist
Saurabh Dubey

His hardworking, persistent, and consistent nature brought him to another level of life and he got a chance to work with the Ministry of Parliament Affairs and Ministry of Minority Affairs.
Amidst climbing up high on the professional level, he nurtured a dream in his heart to work for social causes about which he strongly felt. So while working with both the ministries he understood what exactly his targets are. He then started working in the fields of women empowerment, community social worker, and school social worker.

He has a very strong feeling that if women get empowered we can create a better and healthy society . As a community social worker and school social worker, he is working for the people for requirements and also setting up systems that will help them in near future.

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