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Sarp Levendoglu : Biography, wiki, age, height, instagram, wife, wallpapers

Sarp Levendoglu Bio :

Born: December 25, 1981
Age : 34
Birthplace : Ankara, Turkey
Height: 1.95 m
Spouse: Birce Akalay

Sarp Levendoglu is a charming, tall handsome actor who is now a popularly known actor in Turkey Film Industry. The actor has played prominent roles in many Turkey language films that are often dubbed and released in other countries also. He is best known for his work in the movies. He has acted in a few serials too.

Early Life: Born on 25 December 1982, the 34 year old actor belongs to Ankara, Turkey. As his uncle Mustafa Althiklar was a film maker in the Turkey film industry, he was naturally inclined towards films from a young age. He played his first role as a child actor at the age of 6. Later as he grew up, his masculine looks and commanding appearance fetched him many army man roles that he portrayed with great skill and passion.

Sarp Levendoglu Movies include:

That Soldier Now

My Commander Ordered Checkmate

School Bank

Your Command

Forbidden Apple

Night and Day

Golden Girls

Proper Steps Love

Off White


Purple Violet

Do Not Let it End Like This

Little Agha

Far From It.

Besides movies Sarp Levendoglu has acted in serials like The Little Lord. He has also directed a few films.

Family and Marriage: Sarp Levendoglu married Turkish actress Birce Akalay in 2014. They both have acted together in serial The Little Lord and few movies.

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