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Saroj Khan takes a U Turn on casting couch saying that B Town never abandon women after rape

Saroj Khan

Saroj Khan is a known choreographer in B Town. She is making news headlines for all wrong reasons. She was seen defending the casting couch in the B Town and even went on to say that women can simply avoid assault provided they decide to do so. She was asked to comment on the Telugu actor Sri Reddy who has been protesting against the sexual harassment of ladies in B Town. She said that this is not a new thing as it has existed since long  as everyone wants to take the advantage of girls unlike the government as well. Later when the issue turned big she had no other option but to seek apology on it.

She said that the people in the government also do the same but the B Town differs in a big way. When the girls suffer they also get bread and butter from the industry nobody leaves them after raping them. She went on to allege the victim stating that its up to her how she should be treated. She said that the ladies also sell them self and then blame the industry despite making their living from the same industry.

There were many who spoke against Saroj’s statements, which include the British actor-model Sophie Choudry as well. She came on the microblogging site called Twitter to express her anger. She said, “WTH?!!!! So much respect for the lady (Saroj-ji) not just as a choreographer but as a honored lady as well in the industry. Sad to see how she uses her dignity and position to protect girls?!!! Had I come not from a financially sound family  I would have gone back to my place within a month as the industry demands such things!! She further said that she cannot begin to think what countless of girls are seen going through in the hope that their “dreams” will one day come true! She further said that nobody on earth would like to sleep with someone for work.

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