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Sargoshiyan Kuch Kehta Hai Kashmir (Review) : Dharti Ka Swarg

Sargoshiyan poster
Sargoshiyan poster
Directed By : Imran Khan
Cast : Farida Jalal , Aloknath , Shahbaz Khan, Tom Alter, Indranil Sen Gupta, Hassan Zaidi, Sara Khan , Aditi Bhatia.
Review By : Priyanka Raina
Rating : 4/5 Stars
There are several films which are shot in Kashmir, glorifying it’s epic beauty like “Kitni Sundar yeh tasveer hai .. Yeh Kashmir hai ” . But a film to show its tourism and also has a wonderful story still to come. Now let’s see , what is telling our next film SARGHOSHIYAAN – Kuch Kehta hai Kashmir.
Sargoshiyan (Kuch Kehta hai Kashmir)  is basically story of Two friends – Indranil Sengupta and Hassan Zaidi (Aryan Raina) . Aryan is son of Mohit Raina who migrated from Kashmir while he was young. Aryan quits every job within month , and doesn’t know what to do. He gets a photography assignment by J and K bank to shoot pix in interior of Kashmir.
Now , as circumstances were not favourable so no one was willing to go and reason J and K bank was paying handsome amount. And so Aryan convince his friend Indranil too , to come with him. And the guide from J and K bank – Imran Khan guided them for tour. What happens next is rest of story where every character is introduced at every stops.
Exploring the mesmerizing location of Kashmir at every stops are Shalimar Garden , Dul lake, Shikara , House boat , Char Chinaar , Gulmarg and many more…..
Cast  :  Farida Jalal plays grand mom who is waiting for her grand son from fifteen years , staying in interior of Kashmir . Aloknath plays Dadaji of Aryan Raina whose dad migrated and went away from Kashmir. Tom Alter plays a wild life photographer who is discovering Kashmir and Shabaaz Khan plays Pathan who is fighting for his daughter who cannot walk.
Direction : Director Imran Khan has portrayed iconically locations as well as story with loop.  Every character is framed magnificently.
To watch or not : obviously Yes for the beauty of Kashmir and wonderful story , am sure You will fall
In love with it.
Review : Four stars to the film – One star goes to lovely introductions of cast at every stops , one star goes to story which is revolving around in loop , one to director and Last but not least – One star to the hero KASHMIR AND Srinagar.
Rating : **** Stars
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