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Sardar Gabbar Singh First Weekend Box Office: Poor in the End

sardar gabbar singh

Some of you might be feeling like ‘Gabbar Singh’ responses don’t you? Well you might have read a popular phrase ‘It’s really easy to speak something but Its indeed really harder to meet all such expectations’ the point behind exploring the statement is nothing but the box office collection of ‘Sardar Gabbar Singh’. Huge expectations which were blowing around the globe soon before its release, a strong back bone of its previous release that made the beginning of the movie into a remarkable one, however in the end it was just.. just a buzz which was grabbing attention, nothing more than that.. Let’s have a quick overview of the same.

It all initiated with all the pre-promos and tracks that made the audience and last but not the least stunning fans to get dragged towards the movie and thus that resulted into great start. Nevertheless the impression could hardly stayed long and guess what, as per the sources – “Sardar Gabbar Singh” premiered on 300 screens in North America Thursday night, and collected $615,853 at the U.S. box office. It shattered the record of “Srimantudu” and became the Telugu film with the second-largest opening in the U.S. after “Bahubali.” – As per the sources. In the end its really painful to say that the film was just nearby but still failed to cross 100Crore mark.

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