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Sardaar Gabbar Singh Movie Review

In South Indian Film world, you have a Telugu movie– Sardaar Gabbar Singh hitting the theatres this time. The film is directed by KS Ravindra, which is produced by Pawan Kalyan and Sharath Marar under the banner of Pawan Kalyan Creative works in association with Northstar Entertainment and Eros International. This movie happens to be a sequel of the earlier movie known as Gabbar Singh release in 2012.  The director has a multiple job in this film he has played the lead role in this film along with jotting down the screenplay of the movie. The other lead (female) has gone to Kajal Aggarwal along with Sharad Kelkar getting the antagonist role, which also marks this Marathi movie actor in South Indian films. Time to have get an analysis of the film and get the gist of the same as under:

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The story of the film starts in a village known as Rattanpur wherein you find the anarchy has the center stage. The people in this village are seen under the cruelty of mining businessman and Bhairav Singh played by Sharad Kelkar is behind all this chaos. On the other side, a daredevil cop in the area played by Pawan Kalyan who is a Sardaar Gabbar Singh who has taken the charge after getting transferred to this village with the erstwhile royal family who requested to send a competitive police officer. The top cop gets the palace as his residence and then he analyses the situation the village and chalks out his plan followed by implementing the same. In the meantime, the cop and the princess of Rattanpur played by Kajal falls in love. The royal family is seen having a number of issues with Bhairav Singh. So, what happens next and how this cop will sort out this issue is an important issue to explore.


As the movie starts the story of the film Pawan Kalyan is seen entering with a bang over the scene. Soon you find the show is seen starting with the mannerism and histrionics and the next moment the story of the film is taking backseat.  Pawan Kalyan seems to tell the story of the film keeping mining mafia at the backdrop. Though keeping this subject in the backdrop seems to be a good idea but the screenplay & its execution to be shabby. As the story of a police officer making the conditions of the village par and winning the heart of his love is not at all a new idea, the screenplay seems like a taut and engaging. In this film the sequence, which has boasted the status of the lead actor, is seen with a backup of emotional story, however, this seems to be very much missing. Hence we get to see mannerism of Pawan Kalyan.

The romance between the lead actors though seems entertaining but still has potentials to get much better, which is not seen being exploited right. Despite some shortcomings, Kajal seems very much mesmerizing in her sequences.  The first half of the film seems to be okay but the real revelation is very much appealing. However, the same tempo is seen missing, which is seen in the later part of the film and the second half going for a toss while making the climax loving very much dump. You may therefore miss the good entertainment. Kalyan is seen showcasing his talent replicating his brother Chiranjeevi particularly in the dance steps, which makes his fans very much happy especially the ones with Veena is worthy. Kajal simply appears to be gorgeous while sharing a good chemistry with the main lead along with appearing to be in a royal mode.

On the technical end, music seems to be okay with a couple of good songs. Cinematography by Wilson is seen with a rich appeal. The entire village of Rattanpur is a set that is created in Hyderabad, which is really is too good to believe. The art director Brahma Kadali deserves applauds of the lavish set wherein a movie happens. Editing though is major problem in the film. The director though has put his hard efforts but seems to have failed to give the power it deserves to have.

Sardaar Gabbar Singh Review : Last Word

Though the film is meant for the fans of Pawan Kalyan, but the movie offers a limited good moments and showcases fantastic mannerisms. Both Kalyan and Kajal has saved the grace of the film but have letdown the narration past. So despite all the good interval bang poster interval was seen dragging a lot without much redeeming elements. This film is strictly for the fans, who have been waiting for the film of Kalyan since past three years.

Rating – 3.5

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