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Sarbjit – 1st Weekend Box Office

After an average opening of Sarabjit, the film starring Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Randeep Hooda finally saw some amount of surge over the box office. The reasons are obvious as the film falls under niche audience category as biopics are hard to give any decent collections. Also, considering a fact that the film has simply managed to obtain average rating, thus expecting much at the box office would be rather difficult to get. The movie could have had done better had this been a masala movie. Also, the factor of an improper star cast has also made the difference over the box office since Aishwaya Rai Bachchan in the role of a struggling sister has failed giving the realistic figure.

As per reports, the first day box office collection for Sarbjit tolled to around 13.95 cores, which is an okay figure. With many flaws linked with the movie, it was obvious to see the collection going down. Sarabjit has issue with the execution part as it has failed to create any sense of euphoria once the movie is seen reaching to its climax. The movie seems to be very much appealing to niche audience. Now, talking about the weekday’s collection for the film, one may not expect much over the box office, which in turn will make it an average grocer.

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