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Sarabjit 1st Week Box Office Report

sarbjit-1st week box office report

Last Friday it was a solo release for the biopic film called Sarabjit. But despite the advantage, the film has failed to garner the kind of response it should have got. All thanks to the mixed reviews the film was able to get plus it failed to garner any word of mouth buzz for the film attracting only a small amount of audience for the film. It failed to have the elements, which propel the audience to catch the film unlike what we saw in the case of Mary Kom by the same director and producer with Priyanka Chopra at the center. The Aura PC had in the said film was seen missing in the recently released biopic movie of Sarabjit.

So, such a meager collection for the film at the box office for Sarabjit was inevitable. As per reports, the first week box office collection for Sarabjit tolled to around 22 crores, which isn’t that impressive figure in terms of business. Unfortunately the presence of Aishwarya Rai dejected many of the critics and audience as she failed to live up to the expectations of the character’s demand. Poor old lady was seen struggling with her performance, who happened to be the main lead of the film despite being the film was named as Sarabjit. The other film releasing the same day from Hollywood was seen doing better X-Men: Apocalypse for obvious reasons. And with this week a number of films releasing, Sarabjit has fewer chance to get a pickup in its second weekend.

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