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Lock Upp: Sara Khan loses her cool after seeing her ex-husband Ali Merchant on the show

The reality show ‘Lock Upp: Badass Jail Atyaachaari Khel,’ presented by Kangana Ranaut, has been attracting viewers because of the contestants’ brutal confrontations and unexpected confessions. The producers are going to leave no stone unturned in their attempt to make it a smash hit by including some unexpected twists and turns. To add to the intrigue, Sara Khan’s ex-husband, actor Ali Merchant, has been added as the show’s 14th contestant. He enters with a bang, leaving all of the convicts speechless.

Sara Khan will be seen avoiding Ali in tonight’s episode because she is unhappy with his presence. After Ali’s appearance on the show, the actress walks away, disgusted. Needless to say, when the estranged couple runs into one other in the forthcoming episode, things will get a little awkward between them. Sara is seen growing irritated by Ali Merchant’s presence in one promo film while working in the kitchen. Her expressions speak for themselves!

Speaking about his ex-wife Sara Khan’s presence on the show, in a statement Ali said, “I feel this is the format of this show where she has to be there. I am sure she is also there to reinvent herself. I hope she believes in that and I hope she sees that in a positive way which is better for her and her future. And if she doesn’t, then it’s her loss.”


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 Sara Khan and Ali Merchant, for the uninitiated, fell in love while staying in the Bigg Boss house and married on the reality show in 2010. In just two months, though, they were both divorced. Sara Khan’s parents said in an interview that she and Ali married in 2008, but that they wanted to be married again on the show because they received money from the station.


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