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Sara Ali – Passion for making films stands test of Covid-19

Sara Ali

Sara Ali Khan recently talks about how passion stands. Talking about this, she shares her experience and says – “The truth is, of course there are physical restrictions, everybody has to sanitise regularly, get checks, wear masks, that’s the obvious answer. What I want to tell is that two days before the lockdown in March 2020, I was in Varanasi shooting with Aanand ji. Every moment of the lockdown, I was only praying to go back on set!”

Sara Ali Khan further says – “While of course there are physical changes, considering the times that we are in, the passion, positivity, enthusiasm with which my Director of Photography, actors, director, Ads, spotboys, all of are just back. Shiddat hai, longing thi. Maheenon ghar pe band reh kar. I think that doesn’t change that passion, which is the only thing which stands the test of Covid, big screen, small screen. It doesn’t matter beyond a point! We make movies to have fun.”

Sara Ali says – “It’s a tricky question to ask, because everything changes when you are an outsider versus when you are inside. You can’t compare. The one thing I will tell you is I am very lucky and privileged to be in this industry. I have even forgotten what it is like to not be a part of it, I don’t remember how I thought it used to be. I am privileged to be given this opportunity that’s all I know.”

Sara Ali concludes by saying – “Everything I do comes from my mother, whether it’s styling or films. I bounce everything to her, but the irony of that statement is she has told me ‘listen as your mother, I can tell you what I think, but ultimately the only thing you have to rely on is conviction. If you don’t feel it, don’t do it, whether it’s the colour of your nail paint, the shot you are giving or films. All has to come from an honest space, and that’s the mantra to life, I feel.”

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