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Sanjay Leela Bhansali opens up on watching a shoot as a child and creating films and so much more!

When we hear someone saying Sanjay Leela Bhansali, all we could visualize is his art of making extraordinary films with his amazing storytelling. The filmmaker is the definition of perfection when it comes to making films. And everyone is in awe of his cinema. With every movie, he has something new and spectacular to tell.

Recently the filmmaker completed 25 years in the industry and shared the story behind becoming a director. Starting from when he was a child and watched a shoot for the very first time the director shared, “I remember when I was a 4-year-old kid and my father had taken me to a shoot, to watch – he’d gone to meet his friends, and he said you sit here I’ll just meet my friends and come and I was sitting in the studio I and thought that this is the place that seems most comfortable to me, more than a school, more than a playground, or more than a cousin’s house, or anywhere in the world, I thought this was the most beautiful place in the whole world and I was watching a cabaret being shot and they kept doing it again and again and again. But what actually I remember most of that evening is when my father told me, sit here and don’t move, and don’t go anywhere. Today when I look back at it and when I realize that 25 years I have been there, for that matter, the whole life after that I have been dreaming to be here and I’m glad I’m stuck here and doing what I have to do.”

Revisiting all the memories of being in a theatre which worked through projectors the director further shared, ‘I still, as a child, remember going to a theater and watching those projectors used to have a beam of light that falls on the screen, across with my, my mind would never be there. My mind would be here and ghost particles float into it and say, okay, one day, my story will float.’

Talking about his future projects he said he is looking forward to work on incredible stories for everyone, ‘ All these things I have made. I think 9 films I have made & making the 10th one. It’s been 25 years and 25 more to go.’ said the director.

Streaming giant Netflix has recently announced Heeramandi as their spotlight show from India in the global slate announcement. Sharing his views on the same he said, “Heeramandi was something that my friend MoinBaig got to me 14 years ago. And then finally, when we presented it to Netflix and they loved it. They thought it had a great potential to make a mega-series. It’s very ambitious. It’s very big. It’s very vast. You have the story of the courtesans pre-independence. They kept music and poetry and dance and the art of living the politics within the kothas and how to emerge as the winner.”

As an audience, we can’t wait to watch his magic in the cinema halls and also on OTT now.

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