Sangar Azeez Mohammed a Video Creator at DIY Simple of Par Excellence

Sangar Azeez Mohammed
Sangar Azeez Mohammed

Sangar Azeez Mohammed is an emergency name when it comes to creating video content for digital companies like DIY Simple. His life has been simple and he was raised in a middle-class family. Hailing from Erbil, from Kurdistan region of Iraq, he was born on 22nd February 1988. He was born with the passion of doing something or the other over the web. And when Social media came around ten years back, the young man always knew that this platform will turn larger than life kind of thing in the world’s life.

Hence he took it seriously and understood the way it works and operates. Besides, he already had the exposure for digital marketing and things like Search Engine optimization apart from having an edge on Video making and creating with par excellence. With a bit of exposure in video creation seeking the help of some crash courses, he knew the fact that he can rule the world with it. He embarked with his own group called Creative Ideas & DIY Simple that primarily deals with digital media. With expertise in video content creation, it was no looking back for him.

Now, when he has given all his years to the group and developed a good amount of client base, he emerges as the most desirable video content professional in his place. He has been linked to many groups and brands helping them to prosper over the web and social media allowing their branding over the web landscape. He intends to go long and keeps on evolving with every passing day. He has clients all over the Middle East and in Europe. He keeps on traveling often to prove his worth in this field and keeps on growing all the time. Slowly and steadily he has emerged as a video content creator of par excellence.

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